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We are the UK's greenest car park operator with many electric charging points spread across the country. Find your nearest charging point and also information about discounted season tickets for fully electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle Season Tickets

We offer a huge 25% off annual Unlimited Season Tickets for those who drive fully electric vehicles. Ideal for those using our facilities on a long term basis due to the saving compared to the standard tariffs. This product provides complete flexibility with 24/7 access included. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging Terms and Conditions

  • The use of electric charging points is charged separately to the parking. Please see dropdown above for more information from charging point providers at specific locations.
  • Electric may use any one of the designated charging points to recharge their vehicle for up to 4 hours in any 24 hour period. It is the car owner’s responsibility to move the vehicle to a normal parking bay after this period.
  • Q-Park UK offers no guarantee as to the availability of the charging points or the power supplied from them. We reserve the right to remove the charging points without prior notice.
  • It is strictly prohibited to charge your vehicle using unauthorised equipment or power points. Electric vehicle season ticket holders found doing so, or misusing their season ticket, will be permanently barred from the scheme.


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